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Current projects:
THE FATHER” – Currently in pre-production Click here for more information on how you can help

THE FATHER tells the story of an extraterrestrial father and son who have recently crash-landed on Earth. Stranded, lost, and injured, the Father neglects his already estranged Son and focuses his energy on repairing the ship with the hope of returning home. But his mission is interrupted when he discovers a vital part of the ship’s power supply is in the hands of a young Hispanic boy living on a nearby ranch. The Father is forced to venture away from the safety of his ship and discovers a family on the ranch is coping with issues of their very own. Injured, faced with fading rations, and concerned for the safety of his son, the Father sets in motion a plan that unintentionally puts both families in danger and forces each to confront their own estranged relationships.

At it’s core, THE FATHER is a story exploring fractured relationships, tensions, and the unspoken understandings between fathers and sons.





Past projects:

dig” – Finished and seeking distribution

dig” – Finished and seeking distribution
MIKE has a new life in Austin, Texas. But when he gets news of his father’s unexpected passing, his best friend RENTON takes it upon himself to get Mike back to his small hometown to be with his grandparents, MANUEL and HELEN. Despite the support of his family and friends, nothing seems to overshadow the feelings Mike harbors after his father’s funeral. As the days pass, he attempts to heal, but his efforts are soon distracted when he notices a familiar dog hanging around his grandparents’ home. Fueling his curiosity, Mike is led by the animal to a deserted cabin on the outskirts of town where he discovers evidence of his father. Soon, Mike is drawn in by the need for more answers. Unraveling a mystery that directly relates to a past Mike thought he had buried years ago, he begins to unearth the truth. In the isolation of his rural hometown, Mike is haunted by memories, past relationships, and regrets. In the end, there’s only one question left for Mike, will he finally be ready to face it all?

“Writer-director Stephen Belyeu’s ‘Dig’ is a slow burn that, with the help of the spectacular cinematography of Lucas Millard, effectively combines the languid pace of South Texas with haunting whispers of the supernatural in this unique family tale of love, loss, forgiveness and regret.”

-Matthew Odam, Austin American-Statesman