Stephen Belyeu and Enigmatic Pictures are gearing up to produce an 80’s throwback sci-fi on 16mm film. THE FATHER is an ambitious new project that aims to return to practical effects in lieu of CGI.  A Kickstarter for a special effects make-up test is currently underway. Stephen and his team need your help to make this project happen. Learn more about the film and how you can help by watching the video!

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Enigmatic Pictures is an independent film production company that aims to bring unique, perplexing stories to cinema lovers of all kinds. The goal at EP is to ensure originality and entertainment are in every picture that is produced. Today, the movie-going audience is divided. On one hand, we have films that are purely escapist entertainment. They focus on spectacle and give less attention to character development and original storytelling. On the other hand, art-house independent features lack the entertaining aspects of blockbusters but give us original characters and stories worth remembering. But each lack elements from the other.

Enigmatic Pictures wants to bridge this gap. EP strives to bring audiences entertaining and refreshing new stories, creating an enigma in the entertainment industry, one film at a time.


Stephen Belyeu